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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 1

OK I made it through day 1 of no soda, no junk food, healthy food and exercise. Crap that was rough =)

Today's food

breakfast shake (breakfast)
2 eggs and slice of ham (lunch)
2 homemade tortillas with whole wheat masa,topped with low fat sour cream, cheese, skinless chicken breast, and slice of avocado. (dinner)


30 minutes the treadmill

so i got the breakfast and dinner down but lunch is so hard for me my biggest enemy is the supposely 5 small meals a day. i am so use to skipping breakfast have a snack (usually not healthy) in the mid afternoon then dinner. i figured a way around breakfast with the shake. next step lunch trying to find healthy simple lunches if anyone out there is reading this i would really like to get some ideas. is there a lunch shake out there? that would be so wonderful.

the hardest part wasn't so much the food but the no pepsi part. I have drank pepsi everyday for years it's what i usually drink in the morning too wake up and always before bed. I have cut back to 2 cans or 1 liter a day versus my extra large from jack in the box then refilled at least 3x a day. I am oping because i have been cutting back this cold turkey thing will be easier than last time. the evil pepsi is always there haunting me but i will be stronger this time.

I will fight the Left and not become the Right.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ugly cupcake Society

i read this group and felt so connected I am a UGLY CUPCAKE i have never fit in at elementary school i was the rich girl (my parents owned a business in the town)kids called me names and teased me, i was different and enjoyed my solitude. in high school i was once again looked at different simply because i didn't go clubbing or sleep with everyone. i have been somewhat overweight most of my life in high school i managed to maintain 130-140 by the grace of God but in Southern Cali that still is OVERWEIGHT by my 20's I was married and was pregnant with my 1st child problem is i worked a desk job and since then just keep gaining and gaining (thanks to pot luck Friday and eating out for lunch)next at 25 i got pregnant for the 2nd time and then immediately got pregnant with baby number 3 i ballooned to 260 and have been stuck there for years i hate seeing all those skinny girls turning heads. i was raised by my dad and am a Tomboy to the T. i have no clue how to put make up love my jeans and ponytails not very attractive more like an UGLY MESSY CUPCAKE.

Just had a sad wake up call

It's currently 11:30 at night and I went into the kitchen and grabbed a rice crispy treat and ate it then went to the fridge and went to grab a Pepsi...... I am addicted to Pepsi that is my Achilles heal I know that. I have Pepsi everyday and if I don't I get severe headaches when I told the doctor many years ago he said that I was addicted and the headaches and moodiness was me withdrawing from it. how the hell am i going to leave the Pepsi behind if anyone reads this help i need ideas substitution to soda. well it's official I am not drinking anymore Pepsi.

ok failed the 1st 4 months

OK i have failed but no more starting NOW i am dedicating my time to losing weight i just got a treadmill and will soon be working in the office environment and I know that sitting on my butt behind a desk is a huge contributor to my overweight so i need to focus I am looking for motivators let's do it together. starting tomorrow morning i will weigh in and day 1 begins.

Friday, December 11, 2009

the old me

no make-up
pony-tail bun like thing
253.6 lbs

this is the old me i will be a new me in 365 dayz. Dec 20 2010

the end of a new begining. Dec 11 2009

ok rosa and i have decieded to blog we are now bloggers lol. ok for real now in less than 9 days i will be leaving my beloved 20's where life is carefree and wild. wait i did not expierenced a wild and carefree 20's see i was married at 18 and had our daghter at 20 and 1st son at 25 and 2nd at 26. i have not been what i call a model 20 something female. i dress in only jeans and t-shirts and have no idea how to wear make-up. my hair is always in a ponytail or bun and have yet to lose the baby fat from baby number 1 whom i might add just turn 9. so today i vow that i will become a new woman and transformer my self from a tomboy housewife to a 30 year old that will remind her husband who he married.
I met the man of my dreams when i was 18 and married him within 9 months prior to my 19th birthday. Thank God that against all odds and doubtful whispers we are still happily married and just celebrated 11 years. well then before i was old enough to legally drink or gamble in vegas God blessed us with our first child a little girl. well with a baby on the way i had to step to and find a steady and good health plan for us and i got my job as a caseworker for the welfare office before she was born. i worked and was a wife, mommy, and daughter for 5 years until we were blessed with baby no. 2 and also made a huge move to Idaho (we lived in Cali) I was hired for the state and once agan become 40+ worker, mommy and wife. in 2006 we were surprised and blessed with baby no. 3 and took another risk i quit working we moved back to Cali and i have been a housewife for the last 4 years. i have become the typical stay at home housewife i have gained 100 lbs and my hair is in a permenate ponytail.
with 9 days left before i become a 30 year old i have decided to transform myself from the baggy jeans, t-shirts, no make-up, and ponytail girl living in this daily routine of kids, cooking, cleaning, and leaving my house maybe 3 times a week. not to mention we now live with my mom and step dad. I want to become the woman my husband wants dressing more femine, doing my hair, and make-up. also i want to move into our own house prefably buy our own home and go back to work. i want to leave the tomboy girl and become a sexy woman. here are the Goals for the next 365 days.
1. Lose 75 lbs (ahh)
2. learn how to apply make-up and wear it daily.
3. leave the jeans behind and enter the world of women's clothing.
4.take care of my skin care.
5. do my hair daily and not in ponytails everyday.
6. get my job back and leave stay at home life.
7. buy our first and only home.
8. begin date night with hubby. 24 dates
9. feel sexy again.
10. save $3000

so i have 10 goals i have to achieve by Dec 20 2010. God help me.